5 Features that Make Magento an Excellent B2B Wholesale Platform

Wondering whether Magento is a good choice when it comes to b2b ecommerce solution? Here are 5 features that make Magento a reliable and excellent B2B wholesale platform!   Did you know that b2b (business-to-business) in the US will reach $1.1 trillion by 2020? These numbers encourage b2b marketers and wholesale business owners to consider [...]

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3 Reasons Why Shopify Plus Is the Best B2B Wholesale Platform

Read this article and discover some of the best reasons why you should choose Shopify Plus as your b2b wholesale platform solution!   Today, B2B ecommerce is getting all the popularity and attention from online retailers. Shopify Plus is one of the best B2B wholesale platform solutions that hosts shops and brands all over the [...]

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